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Jenewein Duduks

Founded in May 2012, the company is quickly evolving into a serious Duduk instrument maker, based solely in southwest Michigan, USA. Jenewein Duduks intends to retain the historical and primitive musical value of this aged-old Armenian instrument. This includes, and may not be limited to, creating the Duduks from domestic apricot wood (Prunus armeniaca); the instruments customary material. However, we have plans to utilize other wood varieties in the near future such as Ebony, Grenadilla, and possibly Persimmon.

Due to its unique material and construction, the ghamishes (double-reed mouthpieces) will be imported from out-of-country sources who manufacture to the superior quality standards practiced within Jenewein Duduks.

Vernon Jenewein

A musician since a young boy, and more recently  a woodcraftsman, today Vernon unites these two talents. His musical skill includes the accordion, piano, guitar, clarinet, harmonica, melodica, didgeridoo (an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument), and now the Armenian Duduk. Vern’s mastery of these instruments demonstrates an inherent passion only appreciated by comparable musicians.

However it’s the woodworking technique that pulled Vernon further into the clandestine Armenian Duduk world. Armenian craftsmen closely protect the Duduk's unique structure, so discovering the proper musical construction and dimension (engineering) has been arduous. His latent engineering talent quickly evolves as he turns, bores, and sands each Duduk by hand.

Vernon Jenewein looks forward to bringing high quality, handcrafted products to the American people, or anyone looking for a distinctive woodwind instrument – the Duduk.  By request Conductor Batons can also be custom made from small left over wood from the Duduk turning processes.... or a Harry Potter wand if you so desire. *S*

Raw apricot wood (r) and its counterpart, a duduk (l)

Vernon playing a duduk

Vernon Jenewein playing a duduk.  He's also a native Nebraskan, so a die-hard Husker fan.